Prudentia’s team of coders are certified by MedDRA as Certified MedDRA Coder (CMC) and have experienced in medical coding, knowledgeable in GCP and related regulations and have coded for top pharma and CRO companies. They have a strong and in-depth knowledge of MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries and can provide coding of adverse events, medical history, indications, labs, suspect and concomitant products as per industry standards.

Experts in MedDRA Pts to Consider document, our coders ensure the appropriate LLT is chosen for every verbatim. We can also assist with the development of your coding conventions or adapt to yours.

Our medical coders use Prudentia’s in-house coding tool, MedCodr, which helps to shorten turnaround time and maintain coding consistency by providing:

  • Fast and efficient autoencoding
  • Synonym list capabilities
  • Impact analysis (quickly upversion data)
  • Access to multiple dictionaries

We are also experienced in the new WHODrug B3 / C3 format and can help you migrate your coded data to the newer format.

Outsourcing your coding needs to us will not only eliminate costly in-house training, but will help to reduce operating costs. Whether you need to supplement your staff or fully outsource your coding needs Prudentia can help!