MedCodr is a web based solution for coding medical verbatim terms and products to standard dictionaries including MedDRA and WHODrug or custom dictionaries. MedCodr provides a powerful efficient and accurate auto-coding to verbatim to improve quality and consistency of coding. It also provides the functionality of synonym management with up-versioning. Organization based workflow around coding and synonym management can be implemented with ease.

MedCodr is certified by UMC in B3 and C3 format.

It integrates with leading safety, clinical data management and EDC systems or in house database.


Browse standard dictionary, standard queries or custom queries.


Intelligent search on semantic variations and qualify search results based on hierarchies or custom policies.


Efficiently Autocode or manually code verbatim against any dictionary in any language.


Integrate MedCodr with safety database, clinical data management, EDC or any in house database.


  • Configurable, accurate and efficient autocoding.
  • Impact assessment on coding data.
  • Custom query/group workflow based management.
  • Impact assessment on Custom query/group.
  • Up-Version coded data, synonyms and custom query/group.
  • Coding workflow and query for ambiguous verbatim.
  • Supports multi lingual dictionaries.
  • Easily organize jobs in folder and share with group.
  • Intake via manual, file, web and DB integration.
  • Audit history of all activities.
  • Configurable and filterable search result.


Autocode your data with ease, choice of MedCodr search engine (for all dictionary) or UMC KODA (for WHODrug) and let the system do the coding for you.


Integrate your system with leading safety databases and EDC system to keep coding activities in sync and consistent.


MedCodr supports workflow based management of Standard MedDRA Queries (SMQ), Standardized Drug Groupings(SDG) and custom queries/groups. Easily search and browse all concepts.

Easy and intuitive UI

MedCodr supports all modern browsers and gives a consistent look and feel across all browsers and on all platforms with an easy and intuitive user interface.

Impact analysis

Analyze the impact of new version of dictionary on coded data, synonym lists and custom query/group

Coding workflow

Customizable workflow for coding of verbatim. Generate queries for ambiguous verbatim.

Synonym List Management

Ability to approve, reject or reassign candidates, migrate synonyms and create synonyms based on verbatim and metadata.

Term comparison

Browse dictionary and compare term across version for differences in hierarchy or properties.

Usage policy and guidance

Use based on custom usage policy. Provide guidance to coders for term usage.

Seamless Upversioning

Upversioning with MedCodr is easy. Just select the version you would like to upgrade to and within few simple guided steps, you are all set. It is that simple.