PV Trend

PV TREND is an end-user general purpose PV data analysis tool allowing users to point and click to query multiple data sources, including their SDB and FDA AERS data. TREND can answer many question without requiring custom reports built in safety database.

Key Features include:

  • Configurable home page with user selected widgets
  • Launchpad for canned reports such as submission and volume reports
  • Launchpad for custom reports
  • Allows user to “paint” their own reports against the safety data
  • Provides user with dashboard of trends


  • Volume Reports
  • Compliance Metrics
  • Event/Risk Frequency Reports
  • Case Listing For Signalling


  • Create your own reports on case, event, or submission dataset
  • Define your own selection criteria
  • Paint your own report by selecting required fields
  • Select your output format and style